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In which I go through a lot of trouble but end up at the movie anyway. )

about the movie )

The most important thing about the movie EVER is that when you get a close up of Atobe's school uniform, you can see that his shirt had some sort of flower print weave woven into it. If Fuji did more, that would also be very important, but he didn't really do anything outside of his match with Jirou (who was a bit cute, but meaner than he should have been.) There was someone on Hyotei with different pants (aside from the gratuitous angst causing guy who replaced the non-existant Hiyoshi,) but I didn't think to check until the handshakes, and with the way they filmed it, I couldnt' tell who was wearing them.

Did you know that they classified Tenipuri as an art film? No really. I picked up a movie schedule and they had a little logo on it saying "Special Art Selection." XD

the Death Note movie and doujinshii, but not at the same time. Or 'And now you may lose whatever respect you have ever held for me or considered holding for me in the future.' )

Also, I got my Sony Anime Music Festa tickets for the Bleach/Gintama and エウレカセブン/FMA/Blood+/Gundam Seed&Seed Destiny stages. The line up looks promising.
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Fish eyeballs turn out to be better tasting than the flesh, though the center is impossible to chew.

I've just realized that the Osaka run of the winter Tenimyu runs...the one week I'll be away. It was Hyoutei again, too. ;________;
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There was a fire drill yesterday, which meant we got to play with fire estinguishers.

There was also a smoke filled room similation, which was fascinating. Theoretically, you know it would be hard to see, but to actually see how it's like is a somewhat daunting.

The smoke stung my eyes and clouded my brain, but it also smelled of vanilla extract.

The day before yesterday, something happened, but what, I can't remember. I got scolded again.

Today I saw an orange cat.
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Yesterday morning I remembered what the entry was about: The Rolling Stones. ^^;;

Last night we went to sing karaoke. I'm not sure why we decided to meet at 8, but it worked as far as times go.

We ended up singing from about 8:30pm to about 1:30am this morning. You could say that it was like a marathon.

I discovered the joys of "Yay, they give some of the furigana" and in the end, at least 2/3's of the songs I sang were in Japanese. (This was also greatly aided by the fact that Yohey told me that they list most of the anime songs in the back grouped by series.)

An interesting fact: for "character" songs, the karaoke book lists the character as the artist. (I found this out when I found 真っ白な誓い。 I was rather surprised and immediately started to look for other characters. When I looked up Koushiro, I was dissapointed to find that they only had his second season song, which I didn't care for, and not Version Up, which I love to pieces. This was the point where Yohey told me about the listing in the back. Mysteriously, Version Up was listed there. I have no clue why.)

Playlist (in order, I think)
Cartoon Heros. (Aqua version, was too high and I wasn't warmed up enough)
真っ白な誓い (Went fairly well, but I was off in some parts)
secret base ~君がくれたもの~  (went rather well, but there were some kanji without furigana and that screwed me up)
Version up (I have this song memorized. Was mostly in the right voice for it, so went well.)
さらりーまん (Slower song, went well)
Fruits Candy (The animation was weird and the tempo was fast, but I kept up with most of it!)
Across the Universe (The bg music was so loud~!)
Against Wind (I felt like I was losing my voice and therefore Sucked for much of this song, which was a shame because I really like it. Didn't get into the right voice until the last four lines- the rest of the song, my voice was totally out.)
Warning (I did not know those were the lyrics. But what I thought was close!)
Ometto Samba (Trying to sing a song meant for a group that involves rather fast patter by yourself is not a good idea.)
The theme song from Detective Academy Q that has a title that has a pun surrounding the word "迷宮”  (Very good considering the fact that it was the first time I heard the full version of the song.)
上を向いて歩こう (No furigana, but I know this song

Songs that I should remember to try next time
Anything by Hysteric Blue (Bought one of their cds the other day, and am loving it.
Melissa (Or other stuff by Porno Grafitti)
Trial of Luck?
Catch You Catch Me
You Get to Burning
Look for Makenai Ai ga Kitto Aru which wasn't listed under "Rockman," though Janne De Arc's "Wild Fang" was.
Speaking of which, Janne De Arc stuff. I saw their new album listed. (There was also a Kimeru song!)
Ice Cream
Check the tune on Ever Blue. Maybe also Splash Dream or Ai no Ondo
Listen to Tommy Feburary songs again~! Also, Tommy Angel's "Every Day at the Bus Stop"
More Zone! (Can't have enough Zone. X3)
Instant Music
Hot Limit or other TM Revolution stuff
Decide which version of Valentine Kiss I want to sing. Then sing it.
Te vas pas (Spelling?)
Girl from Impanema. (Will not chicken out this time)
Believe in Heaven
Mienai Chikara
Party Night (The version listed had "Hyper" in the title, which worries me.)
Remember to check for "My only true wish."
Figure out how to find Dragostea Din Tei because they probably have it in the system and it's just fun.
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I forgot to mention that it rained on Friday morning. I, being unaware of this as I left the dorms, was caught without an umbrella with no time to run back for one.

I was so soaking wet that it wasn't funny. It felt pretty good, but my shirt became somewhat see-through. Luckily, it dried by the end of class, but it was somewhat embarassing. ><

I have since invested in an umbrella for my bicycle. It's clear and blue. ♥

In current time, I've added two more charms to my cellphone today. I would have added the cat one earlier, but 4 is an unlucky number. I've decided that I will try for a high bead to plastic figurine ratio, because that simply looks better. The fact that I own a pair of pliers should aid me in this goal.

(When most people see the cellphone charms on Gogo's sword, they think "Cute," or "Kind of Scary" or "Cute but Kind of Scary." I go "I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.")
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I forgot to mention the pimp mobile. How could I have forgotten to mention the pimp mobile. (The pimp mobile had leopard print upholstry, black lights, blaring music, and picture all that on a vehicle that looks very much like a Scion.)

Also, Almond Au Lait is one of the most wonderful things I've had in recent memory.
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Went out to yakiniku with some of the other exchange students and buddies. It was a tabehodai, including drink and icecream and my share came out to 2200 yen, which was pretty good. (Apparently they charge more for guys at tabehodais, but it was kind of unfair because I kept pace! :D)

Afterwards, a few of us went drinking and I learned a much better way to get downtown. We went to this really nice little bar that was popular because instead of having a bar, they just have a few big tables and force you to eat with strangers. It was really fun and we got along well with the people sitting near is. (Our group was 11 people and we took up 3/4's of the table.)

For most of the time we talked within the group because we were speaking in English, but I was sitting next to the people we didn't know and the guy accross from me ended up getting dragged into a bit of conversation with them.

Guy who came with us: BRAZZA FWAANAZABRAZZA!
People like me who were engaged in other conversation: Eh?

There were also several cries of RABU AND PEACE! That kind of broke the ice. It was soon explained that they were saying "Brother from another Brother," which still confused me, but made a little more sense. I was kind of worried about what they'd say to me, considering that I'm not a brother, but they turned out to just say the same thing. There were a few abborted attempts at song, which kind of petered out when we realized we didn't know the lyrics.

Example: "LIKE A VIRGIN! ................." or "HEY JUDE! がんばれ!...”

It took me at least half an hour to realize that it was "Brother from another mother."

I hate the taste of alcohol, but I drank my first beer. And my second. Both of which would probably equal about 12 ounces put together. (The way they serve you is the group buys a beer, then splits it between them, which is kind of nice, but not exactly fair if you don't drink much.)

They let you write on the walls and tables, which was somewhat difficult because they were made of wood. If you should ever find yourself there, sit at the table on the right of the door, then look for my message. "I bet this would be hilarous if you were drunk."
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*door opens*

[wait a minute, my bed's on the other side of the room]

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!"

*about face, shuffle, slam*

*cue nervous laughter*
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I slept through my first class today. It was a 10:40 class, so I felt especially silly.

A bunch of other things happened, but only the fact that the teacher of my speaking class correctly guessed my bloodtype was significant. Yay for pseudoscience. :D
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The kimono that I bought is probably not a kimono that is appropriate for this season.

It is probably not a kimono that is appropriate for any event that I am likely to attend. Maybe Coming of Age Day, but that's not likely.

It is, however, a rather fetching shade of lavendar.

Also of note: No goldfish were harmed in the writing of today's post.
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By the way, if anyone wants a postcard, please leave an address here. Comments are screened.

Sam, I don't remember yours off the top of my head - I don't have anybody's.
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skirts and bicycles )

deep fried and drunkeness )

It's kind of hard when I have to fill out nametags here. I've been telling people that they can address my by my middle name - mostly because the way most people pronounce my first name doesn't really register in my head. I really don't care which one they use, because I answer to both. "Hey you" also works, as long as I'm given some time to work out that "you" equals me.
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Managed to spend about $25 at a hyaku en shop.

Saw part of a tv show where guys were given difficult and somewhat risque questions and girls had to vote for the answe they thought the most dispicable.

Ate dinner on the steps of a train station- an impromptu sandwich consisting of 1/2 off because it was almost closing time tonkatsu and bread I had bought for the occaision.

Learned a much easier way to get to the university.

Discovered a somewhat easier but still uncomfortable way to use the traditional toilets. Decided that as far as public toilets were concerned, they were preferable to Western ones.

Thank goodness for skirts.

Learned that I wasn't the most out of shape on the bicycle.

Ran into someone in the baths, who wasn't just leaving.

Found that talking to someone in the bathroom is really uncomfortable. The water is very noisy, hearing is difficult.

The croissants I bought were good.

Probably failed my placement test-thought it was the wrong experiment.

Accidentally ate takoyaki at lunch- thought it was a croquette.

Decided on room decorating scheme, to be started tomorrow.

Am overwhelmed by paperwork- not too much of it, but it's kind of worrisome.
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In retrospect, it wasn't the place I went to yesterday, it was the place from the day before yesterday. (In short, I walked to the other side of town.)

I did see this really interesting shop that consisted entirely of capsule machine toys, sans capsules. They were marked up depending on the popularity of the character- some were as much as 850 yen, though I was just casually browsing. They also sold the entire sets. (Speaking of which, I saw a capsule machine for a new FMA set.)

Ate at a place called 「ラーメン太郎」。 At least, I think that's what it was called. I couldn't read the second kanji, so I'm just guessing. It was kind of spicy, but the guy was nice and they provided those manga phonebooks (but only shonen ones) so I'll probably go back.

My hair has been really silky as of late. ♥ I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Recently, I've been having the urge to pet it, which is just kind of strange. But silky hair, yay!
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Remember the place I went to by bus yesterday? I walked there today. If I hadn't had started at about dinner time, it would have been kind of pleasant. By the time I got there, I was kind of hungry, and I couldn't figure out where I wanted to eat. So I kind of wandered around for a bit, then found myself standing right in front of the bus that goes back to the dorms. I took it as a sign and took the bus back, without dinner.

The Kyoto Gamers was kind of dissapointing- I found it by pure luck and it was really small. They had no shitajiki except for this useless cardboard stuff. I need a shitajiki. You'd think that there would be more shitajiki in Gamers.

I really haven't been eating much lately, which is kind of worrisome, but could be good for my diet. I think I'll go see if any ramen places are open. I'm starved.

(Today I had: 2 butter rolls with margarine, 1 thing of strawberry yogurt, 1.25 croquette (one turned out to be fish,) a bit of tea, a bit of water... did I eat any of the manju?)
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*One of the girls bathroom has urinals and I don't know why. Truth be told, they kind of look like female urinals. I heard something about a failed attempt to introduce them in Japanese schools, but I thought that was some time ago and this is a fairly recent building.

*Thing that I thought was coconut milk pudding turned out to just be coconut milk. With all the tapioca floating in it, you'd think it was a pudding.

Not that I'm complaining though. *loves coconut milk*
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Cut for stuff about meeting other people )
cut for stuff about my sense of direction and downtown Kyoto (somewhere slightly north of Gion )

I also made the horrifying discovery that much of the way to the university is uphill. And I only have a one speed bicycle. (The others were thinking of getting two speeds, but most of the Japanese people don't have them. Partly because the two speeds are twice as expensive.)

Thankfully, they let you ride on the sidewalks. Which makes the trip somewhat less daunting.
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Today I bought a small refridgerator (used) for 4,000 yen and a bicycle (also used) for 500 yen. One of the buddies was selling off things left by previous residents in order to pay for a party or something.

I woke up at 6 am to find a flier had been slipped under my door. (The flier basically said that "Look! We're selling things for cheap because people left them and we can use the funds to pay for a party or something!" I think I will keep the flier) Because I woke up at 6 for no apparent reason, I managed to get the first pick of the fridges. I chose a small one, becuase I really don't need that big of one and also because it was the cleanest.

When I looked at the bikes, most of them required a little bit of fixing up in some way or another. (Which kind of explains why they were so cheap.)

I decided that I liked a blue-gray one. The guy I was buying it from (Yohei) said that it had problems with the "punk," but I could take it to a bicycle shop to get it fixed for about 1000 yen. There was also some sort of problem with the kickstand, but he said that could also be fixed fairly cheaply. The other two things were that I had to buy a bike lock and I decided that I wanted an aditional stand on the back of the bike.

So I went down to the bicycle shop and spent a good fifteen minutes going over what exactly I wanted done to the bike and how much it would take to do it with a very nice old man and his wife. Meanwhile, about 3 or 4 other people came and left, all asking to have something or other done with the "punk." (I have no idea what the "punk" is, and am still not entirely sure, but apparently this is a very common problem.) This was complicated by the fact that he kept entering the wrong figures into the calculator and having to restart and that I was being curious about which price pertained to which object.

I decided that I wanted a Hello Kitty bike lock, partly because it was about 500 yen more expensive and I felt bad for taking up so much of the guy's time, but mostly because it was cute and if I am unable to recognize my bike with that lock there is no hope for me at all.

In the end, it came out to 4,800 yen altogether. The "punk" thing seemed to be him taking out the inner tire and testing it for leaks, but I think I ended up with the same tire that I started with. (It looks like I won't be buying a spare tire after all, Daddy. There are bike shops all over the place and it looks like the Japanese bikes are a pain to dissasemble.) The problem with the stand turned out to be that it needed tightening. I probably could have done it myself with the pliers you gave me, but I think it was a case of 100 yen for the muscle and 700 yen for knowing where the muscle needed to be applied.

The Hello Kitty Lock went on without incident. It was one of those semi-useless locks that screw into place and just lock the back wheel in place.

The stand turned out to be a bit of a problem. Because the Hello Kitty lock had a little Kitty head on top of it, it blocked the place where a few of the screws on the stand had to go. Most of the time was spent watching the guy try to screw it in place which involed a lot of time and effort and several different nuts and a power screwdriver. In the end, it was in place.

I'll try to see if I can get the stand and the lock removed at the end of the school year, because they're perfectly nice and made up 3800, of the price....now that I think of it, I don't think they charged me anything for the stand thing.

As I left, I admired the wife's keychain, which she hadn't taken out until I was leaving. It was really cute! It was a little blue metalic star with a little bell attached. I was going to ask where she got it from, but she got out another one and gave it to me as a spare for the Hello Kitty lock's spare key. I think it's going to be the one I normally use, because while the Hello Kitty Lock is darling, the Hello Kitty key chain that came with it was kind of overkill.

I think the previous owner of the bike was a guy who didn't know how to ride bikes because the paint job is rather scratched, the seat's adjusted a little tall for me, and there were three identical Super Mario Bros. stickers on it.

On the way back, I began to doubt my ability to ride bikes as well. But it was mostly because I haven't quite worked out which way to dodge other people. They drive on the other side of the street, you know.

And Yohei ended up charging me 500 yen because it was kind of expensive. (If I hadn't bought the rack, I would probably have ended up paying more for the bike, so it all worked out in the end.) (Did I mention that the bicycle shop people were really nice? A great deal of time was speant on me not understanding what was wrong with the lock, almost to the point where I was going to just buy a new bicycle. There was a pretty blue one that I kind of liked.)
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After checking into the dorm and getting myself into a reasonable state of organization (by which I mean not really organized at all, but comfortable about it) I went out to go try to find my way to the convience store to find a small basket for my toiletries and something for dinner.

When I got out of the dorms, I realized that I had no idea which way was up on the map. Cue about half an hour of mindless wandering through a residential neighborhood. Then a bit longer for actually getting to the stores in the right direction, then another hour and a half because Book Off happened. The end result was that tonights dinner was a thing of yogurt, a pudding (flan,) one rather lackluster butter rolls, and 3/4's of a tray of dango. The three on a stick kind. They were dirt cheap and that supermarket better get them again. They're like dense mochi on a stick. A rather sharp stick. They're lovely, though the pointiness is somewhat worrisome.

It has suddently occured to me that because I have my laptop, the Kodansha dictionaries are kind of redundant. They were heavy, too! >____


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