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I spent most of my Golden Week sleeping and reading fanfiction of dubious quality. ^^;;

On Wednesday, I skipped going to a "cultural exploration hiking" thing to go to the Kimeru concert. I timed it almost perfectly this time; there was just enough time to catch lunch before getting in line exactly when the doors opened. This was okay, because they let you in by the number on the ticket. Being 15 or 20 minutes later would probably have been okay, but they changed the numbering system and I wasn't quite sure where I was in the new one.

Kimeru was really great. ♥ I think I spent more money this time around. ^^;; (It probably would have been even more if it weren't for the fact that they were already sold out of tour t-shirts and I don't care for tank tops.)

I also managed to secure a locker, which really surprised me. (It's probably the weather; things are getting warmer.) I ended up being a lot nearer to the stage this time: when Kimeru threw water out onto the crowd, it splashed me. X3 But when we started jumping, I got pushed back about 10 feet, so the next time, I didn't get hit. I was really dissapointed; it got hot in there.

There were guys in the audience again! Two of them! They looked like they came by themselves this time! XDDDD

The drummer, Masuke, is really too adorable. (I think a couple of girls came only because they were fans of him.) He described himself as 「Too shy shyっぽい」, which is more than enough reason to like the guy.

After the concert, I got to the crepe stand just in time to see it close. Instead, I went to Yodobashi Camera because I wanted Yami Yogurt. Afterwards, while scoping the area for potential smoothies, I found a "Jump Store" in the food court of all places. They had the Gintama sleep mask: I wants it! The Ichimaru Gin t-shirt was very sexy, but also $40. D: There was a 5 voice Tenipuri alarm clock for 6300 yen that looked exactly the same as the one I bought for about 1900 yen last year. (The humor in this situation is that I bought said clock about 4 floors down.)

I need to try to aquire the Sony Anime Festival 2006 tickets. UVERworld, Tommy Heavenly6, TM Revolution, Ed and Al's seiyuu, High and Mighty Color. (They're not all in the same stage: if I want to see both Tommy and TM Revolution, I need to buy tickets for two different days. But then I get to see UVERworld twice and that's JUST FINE with me. :D) I really want to go, but reserving tickets confuses me. I can manage buying them, but I don't understand the reservation proceedure. It looks like it's a really good line up, if I wait until the regular sale it would probably be sold out. >_____<

I really want to go back to Osaka so that I might buy new jeans and perhaps ankle boots, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to get around to doing that.

I want to make a male account on AndzRO so that I can start Ryllen. I know I ought to make him a bard because I really like the sf for Loki's Whisper, but he's saying he wants to be a blacksmith for some reason. O___0

Or maybe a rogue, I don't know.
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It took several tries, but I managed to reserve tickets via Lawson ticket! Apparently, I need to pay for and pick them up or something between the 13th and 19th. Methinks.

Now I just need to wait to see what all that calling and recalling did to my phonebill. >>;;


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