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You're the _______ to my _______.

Not that I normally go for this kind of thing, but it makes me think of that "what will become of my high school life now, and that's still amusing me.
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Hi. This is the "Give me a prompt and a character and get a sentence" meme. :)
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I got a haircut today, but there's nothing really intersting to say about it. I took about 4-5 inches off, but it's 2-3 inches shorter for the part that hangs over my shoulder.

The preceding didn't seem to constitute a useful entry, so I'll pad with more useless stuff:

The object of the game is to stump the person writing the journal. I've been writing in my livejournal for years, and can't possibly remember all the topics I've talked about in that time.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to go into the archives of my journal and pull out a random quote from some time, some year, and then my job will be to see if I can remember what I was talking about. You tell me if I'm remotely right or wrong.

Nope, I can't peek, and you'll have to trust I won't.

Please don't pick a quote that's so random that it could apply to anything, like "feh" or "Damn it!" or something equally generally. Pick something that might actually be about something, but not so blatantly about something that I'll have to guess what I'm talking about.

You win, you request a drabble. Give me series, character, and a word or phrase. I'll ask for a change of series if I don't know it well. Crossovers ok.

Drabble will probably be in the neighborhood of 100 words, might not finish it until after I get to Kyoto.


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