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In which I go through a lot of trouble but end up at the movie anyway. )

about the movie )

The most important thing about the movie EVER is that when you get a close up of Atobe's school uniform, you can see that his shirt had some sort of flower print weave woven into it. If Fuji did more, that would also be very important, but he didn't really do anything outside of his match with Jirou (who was a bit cute, but meaner than he should have been.) There was someone on Hyotei with different pants (aside from the gratuitous angst causing guy who replaced the non-existant Hiyoshi,) but I didn't think to check until the handshakes, and with the way they filmed it, I couldnt' tell who was wearing them.

Did you know that they classified Tenipuri as an art film? No really. I picked up a movie schedule and they had a little logo on it saying "Special Art Selection." XD

the Death Note movie and doujinshii, but not at the same time. Or 'And now you may lose whatever respect you have ever held for me or considered holding for me in the future.' )

Also, I got my Sony Anime Music Festa tickets for the Bleach/Gintama and エウレカセブン/FMA/Blood+/Gundam Seed&Seed Destiny stages. The line up looks promising.
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Mmm, so we went to Osaka today, ostensibly to buy cameras and omiyage for Addie's brother. Okay.

My laundry didn't dry correctly and I oversletp. Okay.

As expected the cameras were all in the $300-$500 range. Okay.

So I saw I Prince of Tennis Alarm clock. One of the talking ones. And I well...bought it. (It's the one with Ryoma's, Tezuka's, Fuji's, Kikumaru's, and Atobe's voices. It suddenly occured to me that a alarm clock with Jirou's voice might just be the best thing ever, should they ever decide to make one.) -___________-;;

And then I ran into the Festival bromides. Ummm.. Yeah. Iendedupbuying3. In my defense, the store was selling them at 11% off! It's one of those kinds of department stores. >>;;

We ended up having gigantic pieces of cake for lunch. It ended up to be a bit more expensive than a normal lunch, but it was very good cake. Mine had a lot of strawberries in it. X3

I opened the bromides at lunch. The first one turned out to be the Mizuki in a maid's dress. I laughed. And um...didn't show it to anyone else. The other two turned out to be Sengoku as Indy and Kamio and Shinji as ninjas, so I had pretty good bromide luck.

I had pretty bad random nuigurumi keychain luck, though. Out of all the possiblities, I got Gema! And the ribbon was broken, so he fell off of the keychain. *wanted Puchi Charat* >>

Next was Mandarake, where I spent a lot of money. The end.

Moral of the story: 70500 yen worth of doujinshi plus a copy of dream carnival is rather heavy. )

ETA: (on the subject of cosplayers) "Did you see that girl?" "What girl?" "The one that was practically naked." "No, did you see the guy dressed as one of the girls from Pretty Cure?" "No." "Be thankful, he had a five o'clock shadow."

(Mandarake staff Rolecall: Seishomaru, Ohtori, random Hagane military personal, and I think Lilim from Lilim Kiss. In retrospect, they might have been talking Lilim earlier.)


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