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Last night, Daddy gave my brother the first volume of Jackass. (The rest of us were...somewhat surprised.)

This morning, Santa brought my youngest brother poker chips and a pack of trading cards. Mummy is a little afraid of what will happen when he tells his friends at school.

The country club buffet has excellent desserts. *___________________*

(I think we ate there because we aren't going on a trip this year due to lack of time. But I didn't like seafood, so some of the more expensive parts of the buffet didn't interest me. The cheeses were excellent.)

We went to a Chinese restraurant last night, where I realized, quite suddenly, that I really like duck. (I had insisted on ordering Peking Duck, which I've only had twice before, but remember liking.) It's a bit difficult to eat, but comes off the bone easily and is very tasty.

Of somewhat greater importance: mochi pounding at my dad's friend's house tomorrow. :D
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Mom: So you bought a game cube, huh?
Val: I bought a PS2
Mom: What you mean, they told me you bought a game cube.
The Brain: Huh? We were just going shopping and-

*discussion ensues which establishes the fact that I was only buying games that weren't released stateside and that it is okay to get me US games because I can mooch of the boys and/or Sam...*

Val: As long as you didn't buy me Animal Crossing.
Mom: O___0;;; How did you know?

*some speculation about whether the fact that I look like I have lost weight correlates with the fact that I spent a couple of weeks being miserably sick*

The Brain: *leaving the room* Equivalent exchange.
Me: *yelling after him* Have you been watching FMA?
The Brain: No, I just like saying that


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