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Hellcat smells like baking cookies, except it's not the sort of cookies that I bake.

Seeing the name of someone still alive on a gravestone is kind of strange. The circumstances are completely logical, but isn't there supposed to be some sort of fear? Perhaps because it is not me.
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I went shopping again today.

Well, originally, it was supposed to be a trip to the bank, and as long as I have to take a bus, I might as well go to the branch by the mall, right?

I barely make the bus, but before it even turns the first corner, I realize that I, like an idiot, forgot the check that I was going to cash in the first place. I need to remember to do it before the cancel it and hand the money over to the state. x___X

(At the mall, I spent more money than I ought on things that I really shouldn't have, but I picked up a copy of Nocturne, bought hello kitty perfume (no really,) three of the Spiral novels (but can I read them?) and the lady in one of the accessories stores played with my hair for about ten minutes. Swarovski crystals are expensive, but I think I'm going to like these earrings.)

Oh, and I had a piece of last night's experimental cheesecake. ([livejournal.com profile] furious's recipe, minus the vanilla, and with a 1:1 substitution of green tea smoothie mix for sugar.) It was okay, but not great- mostly because the matcha smoothie mix is substandard. I don't know why matcha milk I got out of a vending machine was better than anything else I've found, but I've discovered that Shirokiya has relatively cheap matcha. I'll try theirs next.

Kumiho - smells pretty good throughout the day, but I found myself wishing I wore White Rabbit instead.

Penny Dreadful - the Kumiho wore off while I was out, so I applied some Penny Dreadful when I got back. I don't think I like the loam, but it fades into something that is nice, but not my particular cup of tea.

(edit: And after it fades into the dime novel heroine's perfume, it passes on into a lovely warm vanilla. 8D)
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The phone woke me up at six-thirty am, which is a horrible time to wake up, especially when your alarm is set for 8.

It was grandpa, calling to make sure the vernicious canid was up, and did he need a ride for school? He also said that Dad had called- he said the operation went well.

But I had to go upstairs to wake up kid brother, so getting back to sleep wasn't an option.

Frumious bandersnatch applied at 6:33 pm. I like the way it smells, although I'm not sure if I put on too much of it. Opening the imps kind of scare me- manual dexterity is fail.
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I reread Socks tonight, mainly because I found it on my bookshelf and why not?

It suddenly occurred to me that Rofl looks a lot like Socks, mostly because Socks is a Gray tabby and Rofl tried to be a gray tabby and failed.

It's a little disturbing because Socks is clever and Rofl is breathtakingly stupid.

I also shouldn't be allowed near my credit cards at this time in the morning, because I put in an order to BPAL. I wonder if they still throw in free extra imps. .___.


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