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I finally got around to finding it at book off, so I bought a couple of volumes of Kino no Tabi, but it's full of difficult words, so I'll have to try really hard!

Also, it turns out that Agito's favorite drink is "Boss Au Lait," which seems to have totally confused all of the translators I've seen. XD (Me, I can't touch the stuff. But Matcha au lait is love~! Actually, I just like saying "Au lait." It's really fun to say.)

(A few years ago, when I was on a school trip, all of the girls randomly decided that one of the boy's names was incredibly fun to say. When waiting for the bus, or when we didn't have anything in particular better to do, we'd just start repeating "Hugh, Hugh!" It doesn't look very good in print, but saying it is really~ fun. ♥ It's a great name, but I wouldn't name a kid that. The sound is good, but if it doesn't look good when written, it won't do.

I like my name, but I usually use my middle name for monograms, simply because "M" is usually portrayed as a very pretty letter.)
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I forgot to mention that a very nice policeman stopped me tonight and gave me a scolding. It took about 4 minutes after I left to realize what it was about. (I wasn't supposed to park my bike there.) ^^;;

Also: For a shonen manga from a mangaka notorious for fanservice, Air Gear is terribly slashy. The translations edited out all of the heart marks. Heart marks! Teenage boys using heartmarks! I'd expcet it out of Akito, but noo~!

The translations also didn't capture how incredibly fowl-mouthed Agito is. (Translation: "Spineless coward." Original: "Fuck.")

Ume's aquaintance Kei-sensei is so cute! She dislikes mayonaise, which is good for extra cool points in my book.
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Today I had the really great idea of tying my scarf like a necktie. It's convenient! )

In other news, Tikki's hair is teal! O___________0!!

[eta] The Reverse turns out to be the novels. Umm.. it looks difficult to read. ;___; [/eta]


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