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There are certain points in a book where you are absolutely sure that you have picked a winner.

"I also discovered that the US government employed a 'deputy fish coordinator,' a marvelous title.)"

- My Life in France, pg 172

Oh Julia Child, I love you forever.
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What they forget is that the people with impressive SAT scores are the ones who are more likely to want to report it.

And, perhaps, be interested in taking this test.


Aug. 7th, 2011 12:05 pm
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This reminds me- I need to look up the family crest.

I had thought that we had "wisteria," but apparently on Dad's side there's 九枚の笹 (きゅうまいのささ) (nine grasses) (grandpa?) and 桔梗(ききょう)(chinese bellflower)(grandma???).

Not quite sure on Mom's although one of her cousins that mon are usually passed down through the maternal line, and we confirmed with her mother that SHE was an 揚羽蝶(あげはちょう) (swallowtail butterfly) which means that therefore grandma, mom, and I all share that crest.

WHICH LOOKS WAY COOLER THAN THE WISTERIA CRESTS, EVEN THOUGH I DO LOVE WISTERIA. ♥♥♥ (I also really, really love kikyo- icon related)

Downside is that "Ageha" is associated with a certain breed of kogal. XD
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I've been meaning to get a hula hoop ever since we've got Wii fit.

The hula hoop mini game is my best game, so I had been looking for one. Most of them were depressingly expensive, though- okay, so the only ones I saw were at the Disney store.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to see them at the supermarket (!) for $2.50 each.(!!!) I ended up coming home with a couple.

Mind you, I've never been able to hoop in my life. The last time I had tried it at all was in elementary school, and I was terrible at it then.

It turns out that I'm still terrible at it now. (A sense of rhythm? I have none.)

I was trying it out in the living room, and Dad came out to see what the noise was. It turns out that he knows how.

[edit: this is one of those things where even googling youtube how-to videos does not help. IT'S LIKE TEACHING SOMEONE TO WHISTLE BY TELLING THEM TO PUCKER THEIR LIPS AND BLOW.]
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The girl who composed the soundtrack to Plants versus Zombies also has a cover of Ue wo Muite on her youtube account.

Which of course made me think of Lili Marlene.

And in the same genre, The Moon Represents My Heart.

Which reminded me that if your class is playing a round-robin game where the number of sentences the class says in Chinese equals the number of extra credit points the class will receive on their next test, that is NOT THE TIME TO ATTEMPT TO FORM COMPLEX SENTENCES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO STUMBLE OVER THEM.

(I generally fared well on oral language exams, even if my accent sucked.)

Anyway, in her blog, she said that she got her father to voice the zombies in the Japanese version of the ending theme- trying to imitate the voice of a game show host.

He didn't really sound like that, but I started thinking of the Cocorico "live on $100 for a month" segment (which wasn't so much of a game show as much as a "let's be mean to minor celebrities" sort of thing. I think it might be possible to make spaghetti carbonara entirely in the microwave, although the Parmesan cheese might be to expensive to use. (If you used a tiny bit of what they sell as cheese in Japan, you might be able to wing it.)
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When I was very small, we used to have a jabon tree in our backyard.

My aunt lives there now, but it turns out that the tree still gives fruit. (She hadn't known that I had liked it, but it's really tasty- I hadn't had it in years.♥)

She brought some over the other day, and it turns out that she gave us six! (Eating jabon is easy- the fruit lasts and it's very tasty.)

It took well over an hour for me to break one apart. Not easy. :[

(To put things into perspective, these pomelo are close to the size of my head and the rind is at least an inch thick.)
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Ohhoho. I might need to watch this one.

(Note 1: The main characters names are Taka and Yuuji.)
(note 2: I sometimes watch "Partners" and I like it.)
(note 3: thank you karekano. I saw Partners and I was like I WATCHED THAT SHOW! <3)

Shige's going to be on that Suntory cooking show. I plan to watch it, even if the only beer I really like is Sapporo. (Hopefully I can find the episode somewhere. Although he's making eggplant pasta, and I'm not so sure about cooking with eggplant. Sure, I'll happily eat it, but frying it myself seems like a pain. I forgot who was guesting for that one, but the gyouza episode was fairly helpful.)
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I forgot to mention that I bought a container of Charity Pot and a bar of the Japan fundraiser soap from Lush yesterday. (The salesguy informed me that the company donated the materials as well, so all proceeds went to Japan. I was mildly surprised that there was a salesguy at Lush.)

The soap is orange and cinnamon and is supposed to look like the Japanese flag, but seriously, the first thought that comes to mind is "fried egg." I rather like it.

Oh, and a bottle of American Cream shampoo. That's nice too.
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1 largish jar. (24 oz, wildflower, raw, from somewhere not that far from my house)
1 not quite as large, but not small jar (16 oz, macadamia, unheated/filtered)
2 bears (also macadamia)
1 bear (from texas. yeah, I don't know either.)
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Cactus for dinner tonight.

Mostly because I was curious and it was there.
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Just woke up.

I have no clue what's going on, but apparently school's canceled.

It will either be a very quiet day, or a very sucky day at work- I don't know which, but the electricity is still working which is always very nice.

I stayed up til 2, though. sleepy. ;-;

Ah, and someone thoughtfully posted about the saftey of various JE groups! Still no idea about that one newscaster's father, though- even though he said the dad lives on high ground, who knows. We were flipping through the channels, so I don't remember which one he was on. Which means I probably won't find out. :[

edit: just saw a time lapse of Kona. Wow. Nowhere as near as bad as it was in Japan, but it's really, really nice that we had a lot of warning.
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I think I'm going to like this drama.


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The humpbacks were active today-

We heard one breach before we saw it.

It was a good day for whale-spotting.
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Basically, the past few days have been an exercise in why, if at all possible, one should never, ever use UPS.

(I think I've had exactly one time where they didn't piss me off horribly, and that was the time dad commanded me to camp by the door waiting for his package to arrive. And retrospect, that's pretty annoying in and of itself.)

I wouldn't be half as annoyed if I weren't paying extra for inferior service.
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So I've just gotten back from seeing Gantz. I was kind of annoyed, because I had intended to arrive early, but I only ended up being about 20 minutes before the start. (Luckily, I still ended up with a decent seat because I went alone.) I missed most of the pre-show, but the trailers reminded me that I need to sit down and actually watch the taste of tea.

Actually, funny story: I happened to mention to my aunt that I was going to a Japanese movie tonight. I told her that it was an action movie, and that one of the leads was in a boy band.

"Is it a five-person band?" she asked me.

It turns out that my cousin's wife also likes Arashi. (We called my cousin to see if they could make it, but it was very short notice and they already had plans. But the fact that my aunt made the connection- she knew Arashi by name- was pretty impressive. It was because of this year's Red and White, and they usually don't even watch it.)

anyway, so about that movie. )
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Browsing random journals.

It brings back lovely memories- one of the very best parts of Japanese conversation classes was that you get to make up salacious (and patently false) rumors about your classmates. :')
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In television dramatizations, near death experiences are often characterized by a blinding light- a bright white that excludes all else.

I had one such experience the other day and it was terrifying.

Mind you, we had just come out of a tunnel and were cresting a hill and the sun happened to be at just the wrong angle that you really couldn't see anything at all for a few seconds.

And it was terrifying because at that time, we were on the freeway in a moving vehicle. (I am thankful that I was not the one driving.)
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The King's Speech was an excellent movie. (While watching the credits, the conversation turned to "hey, aren't all those people in the harry potter movies?" Which was kind of interesting.)

My laptop suddenly stopped recognizing its power source unless I have the cord at the most peculiar angle. Luckily, a bit of troubleshooting revealed that it was the cord and not the jack that was the problem. Unluckily, I discovered that out of the 2 spare laptop adapters I had, none had the right specs. (One had the correct voltage, but while one site I checked said that a higher wattage was okay, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher. The laptop it came from had long since died.)

I ended up buying a portable hard drive so I wouldn't have to pay shipping. In my defense, it was the gold deal of the day and what I'd consider entirely reasonable. OH AND IT'S MOCHI POUNDING TOMORROW. <333333333
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I've just heard the premise of M....the guy who directed the sixth sense's new movie and my initial reaction is "haven't anyone read their Sartre?"


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