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In which I go through a lot of trouble but end up at the movie anyway. )

about the movie )

The most important thing about the movie EVER is that when you get a close up of Atobe's school uniform, you can see that his shirt had some sort of flower print weave woven into it. If Fuji did more, that would also be very important, but he didn't really do anything outside of his match with Jirou (who was a bit cute, but meaner than he should have been.) There was someone on Hyotei with different pants (aside from the gratuitous angst causing guy who replaced the non-existant Hiyoshi,) but I didn't think to check until the handshakes, and with the way they filmed it, I couldnt' tell who was wearing them.

Did you know that they classified Tenipuri as an art film? No really. I picked up a movie schedule and they had a little logo on it saying "Special Art Selection." XD

the Death Note movie and doujinshii, but not at the same time. Or 'And now you may lose whatever respect you have ever held for me or considered holding for me in the future.' )

Also, I got my Sony Anime Music Festa tickets for the Bleach/Gintama and エウレカセブン/FMA/Blood+/Gundam Seed&Seed Destiny stages. The line up looks promising.
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It has occured to me that people selling shitajiki state-side make one hell of a markup, even when you consider shipping. (The same goes for doujinshii, too.) I've been buying Gundam Seed and Hagane mini shitajiki, about B5 size, if I figure correctly. They're marketed as "character plates," but I say call a dog a dog.

Bought a memory card that my brother won't steal. For some strange reason, the cheapest ones were ones with video game characters printed on them. (I checked three different stores and amazon jp.) It was kind of a difficult decision, but in the end, I went with...um characters from some video game I've never heard of which included stickers. I could have gotten a Devil May Cry II one, but I didn't like the case.

A clarification on this morning: I was locked in the shower portion of the bathroom, which is closed by glass sliding doors, which meant I was armed with only my toiletries. For some reason that I cannot fathom (probably rust,) the lock is outside the shower. It managed to somehow slip shut when I closed the door.

The showers have a window to the outside, so it's lucky that the water is hot. It has the potential to get really cold in there.

(I was worried that I was going to have to wait until about 5, when one of the other girls usually takes a shower, but I found that by tugging the door towards myself pulls it far enough to disengage the lock.)


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