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We ate dinner at one of my aunt's friend's houses tonight. Except that it was a friend of friend with whom we were originally going to eat dinner with, but had to go on an unexpected trip and only got in this morning.

But it was okay, dinner was really good and my aunts friend gave me a bao~! ♥ Apparently theres this one place in Housten that makes really good bao- the char siu was really tasty. All I know is that it's the one all the Chinese people know about and is by a video store. :/

I mannaged to fall from a bar stool. Apparently I had tipped it too much, and it started falling, but I couldn't stop myself because my boot's heels were caught on the stool's bars. My knees still hurt. ;____;

2 of my resolution apps are almost ready to send. X3

There will be shopping tomorrow.

A special message for the roommates: I'm making those brownies again. And my aunt is on a diet and we still have leftover cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, so most of them are coming home with me. *wonders where it will go* *it will go to all of our waistlines*

Also, I have really cool new earrings and I'm going to make everyone try them on, on account of the fact that they are incredibly awesome. Except the boys, because they are not trendy and emo enough. Sucks to be them.

I have new hair pins too, and I've lost one already. ;____; They just fall out of my hair. Not as nice as the ones from Claires, but a lot shinier.

Edit: Also, there seems to exist stupid Bleach/Harry Potter crossovers? :D (Harry Potter often produces the best bashit insane crossovers.)


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