Dec. 4th, 2008

rhyme: (my evil plan: let me tell you about it)
I started today off by getting lost in a hospital.

Actually, it wasn't the first thing I did today. I went to a doctor's appointment first. (Got away with not having to have a prescription filled. Yay for free samples! \o/) Then I took a sidetrip to the cafeteria for an early brunch.

The hospital cafeteria has surprisingly good food. Yeah, it is kind of institutional, but they also make the best fried saimin I've ever found anywhere. (I've heard their burgers are good as well, and I'm rather in love with cafeteria-style spaghetti. It was actually a hard call to not get the spaghetti today, but the nice lady told me that it was leftovers from yesterday, so that settled that.)

Then I couldn't figure out how to get to Ala Moana, and when I asked at the help desk, the volunteers didn't have a clue. So we had a "race to see who could find it in the phone book the fastest! :D" (their words, not mine. I won because 1) they were rather elderly, and 2) I like winning.)

Unfortunately, I decided I didn't want to walk through the parking lot, so I cut through the hospital side of the hospital...which happens to be the side that I'm not particularly familiar with. So I got lost, ended up in the medical building again (not sure how that happened, as I was underground the whole time,) and got to the bus stop just in time to see the bus I needed leaving.

So I decided to start walking. This was partially because I had worn sunscreen today, partially because my projected route included a transfer, which I wanted to use to get home from Ala Moana. I ended up at a different bus stop about a mile away. The whole thing was entirely down the street, so it would have been the same if I had simply stayed at the original bus stop, but I had hoped to get a bus from downtown. If I went a little further and crossed another major road, I probably would have made it.

But anyway, I decided to bypass the mall, get off somewhere downtown and go to the bank there. So I got on the bus rather randomly, and got the only seat that I could, but it was almost as if I was following this other girl who had been waiting at the same stop as I ended up at.

I wasn't entirely sure where downtown that I needed to get off at, but the criteria used to choose my point of disembarkment were 1) near where the bus route that goes right out side my house runs and 2) near a branch of my bank. So I was rather surprised when that girl got off at the same stop as I did, but not as surprised that she went in the same direction that I did once off the bus. We crossed the street in different directions, and I only noticed her because her shirt was fuschia, which was kind of weird, but it was kind of like I was following her. Which is kind of creepy.

But honestly? It was more along the lines of "Why the fuck is she getting off at my stop?"

All in all, very strange.

(Oh, and then I couldn't find one of the checks I was about to cash before it was time to leave the bank. Goooooooo me. It seems like I got a raise while I wasn't paying attention? That was kind of cool.)


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