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Did I mention that we failed to get out of the car?

Actually, it was grandmother's birthday today, so, as I happened to have today off, I told mom that I'd go with my aunt to take her out to lunch. Except grandma didn't want to get out of the car, so we ended up leaving her in there while we went to Marukai (it's a Japanese warehouse club, kind of like a supermarket, except you have to pay to get in) to get bento.

We got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food. I asked to get a small tray of okara. Note that okara is a really stupid thing to eat on a picnic, even if it's a picnic in a car. I put some in the bento lid, and it blew over at least three times. I got some all over the seat. And the drive shift. And my bag.

But I hadn't had it in ages, so it was totally worth it. (It's also good for your health. :3)

I also had the sudden realization that I should have asked the superintendant's wife how to cook it that one time I bought some from the tofu shop, but hindsight's 20/20, isn't it? (On that note, I should have attempted to stew pumpkin, because I bet the pumpkins were cheaper there, but ah! Aunty said that she gets some occasionally from umwecallhimunclebutidunno and next time she might save some for me. Also, Grandma gave me her piece of pumpkin from her bento.)

We had sushi and gyouza and Aunty let me have some of her chicken karaage. I dont' think we even made a dent in the edamame. Marukai has super delicious food. ;___;

And we also got a melon (honeydew) and it thumped around a great deal when we were driving home. There was a girl selling andagi outside, and she threw in an extra one as service. ♥

Then we went to get shave ice. A store's ability to make shave ice is, in my opinion, measured by how finely they shave the ice, and the place we went is probably the best in the state.

So I have a honeydew melon in the fridge, already well shaken. Do you think honeydew would go well with sake? Kid brother would probably want melon too, so it's probably out of the question for this one. >_________________>;;


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