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I think I need to start a little hat collection. This would probably have to encompass mostly top hats in the goth loli vein, however, there must be some sort of other little hats out there. Perhaps little cowboy hats, or those little sailor hats. Not the sailor hats, but the I'm the captain type of hats with the little brims and the gold cordage. (Cordage is probably the right word, because firefox claims it is a word and it sounds like the kind of thing used to describe cord embellishments that serve no particular purpose. Also, extra points if the cowboy hats involve sequins, unless you are a guy or wearing the hat seriously.)

Also, the hat's can't be ugly.

I think my head might be shaped a little oddly, because one size frequently doesn't fit me. Also, straw hats with checked ribbon and a giant fake sunflower require sundresses to pull of correctly, and I do not think that I own any at the moment.

Oh, and I finally figured out what a Chesterfield is, so my mental image of it has morphed from "some sort of furniture," to "some sort of couch that sounds like it's kind of ugly." They creep me out irrationally.
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I've been buying stuff to send back to Oklahoma. Just random things, the sorts that are really annoying to get there.

It's just my luck that on the way home from the post office, it's starts raining.

I'm kind of worried about the box, as it started raining as I walked home.

There's about $50 worth of stuff in the box- mostly little things that really add up. Not to mention the stuff that didn't fit in. Like the cookies. DX

At any rate, when I got home and started rummaging through my purse for a pen, it turns out I did have my umbrella in there all along.


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