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The girl who composed the soundtrack to Plants versus Zombies also has a cover of Ue wo Muite on her youtube account.

Which of course made me think of Lili Marlene.

And in the same genre, The Moon Represents My Heart.

Which reminded me that if your class is playing a round-robin game where the number of sentences the class says in Chinese equals the number of extra credit points the class will receive on their next test, that is NOT THE TIME TO ATTEMPT TO FORM COMPLEX SENTENCES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO STUMBLE OVER THEM.

(I generally fared well on oral language exams, even if my accent sucked.)

Anyway, in her blog, she said that she got her father to voice the zombies in the Japanese version of the ending theme- trying to imitate the voice of a game show host.

He didn't really sound like that, but I started thinking of the Cocorico "live on $100 for a month" segment (which wasn't so much of a game show as much as a "let's be mean to minor celebrities" sort of thing. I think it might be possible to make spaghetti carbonara entirely in the microwave, although the Parmesan cheese might be to expensive to use. (If you used a tiny bit of what they sell as cheese in Japan, you might be able to wing it.)


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