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I really had meant to make a voice post appologizing for the fact that due to timing issues, I was unable to clean up after Yume this morning.

Seriously, I'm almost done, and all of a sudden, I hear her retching. And I'm still not sure how I managed to let Wormbutt into not for kittyland, because I was pretty sure that I had been guarding that door well. :(

And then the van showed up right on time, instead of 10 minutes early like I thought it would, so I probably could have cleaned up after Yume anyway, except I was standing outside. :|

That said, the flight was long, and I still think that the airlines in question is a little retarded; it took about half an hour to get off the airplane, because something was wrong with the jet bridge. I thought it was kind of funny, at least.

It wasn't as distinctly unpleasant as the flight over. I mostly slept.

And then I went out with Dad to the golf course, because he said that he'd take out a golf cart today. We did the back nine, which I've never seen before. It's really steep; at some points, I found myself holding on, in fear that I'd fall out of the cart. I played FE8 while he golfed - mostly arena whoring, so it didn't take too much thought.

Afterwards, I was good and ordered fish tempura for dinner, even though I hate fish. (Well, the fish in question was tuna, so...) THIS MEANS I AM GROWING UP AND BECOMING A BETTER PERSON BY EXPANDING MY HORIZONS and has nothing to do with the fact that I wanted tempura and didn't feel like shrimp.

Also, that restraurant made really good sweet potato tempura (okinawan sweet potato, not that weird orange stuff.) They sliced them thinly. ♥


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