Dec. 12th, 2008

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I looked at the front page this morning and saw people wading through waste-deep water. In retrospect, while seeing water bloom up from under the manhole cover was rather nifty- it looked like a very short anemone- it was probably a bad sign. Because apparently we have sewers overflowing somewhere.

The weather stations nearest my house reported six inches. The ones nearest where I was yesterday reported about 3. There were several on the other side of the island reporting over 10, including some over twelve. I was thankful that I live on a hill.

I ended up putting 11 hours in at work today. The store manager wanted me to stay until closing, but my shift started an hour after opening, and I really didn't want a dinner break, so I left at 8. So um... overtime, yay?

The extra 3 hours ended up passing rather quickly- I spent a good deal of time worrying over the fact that a customer's car had broken down on in the parking lot. Apparently finding an open repair shop that does towing on a Friday night is extremely difficult. We went "D:" a lot.

In more cheerful news, apparently kid brother saw that season 2 of Psych! is available for sale, and begged Mom to pick it up for him. Mom hemmed and hawed and demurred and then told me about it later, because I already told her a few days ago that that was what I got the vernicious canid for Christmas. :')


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