Dec. 9th, 2008

Amazon informs me that it's shipped my copy of P4, so theoretically, it should come...I don't know when? Amazon's shipping has been good to me, so idk. (I considered reserving it elsewhere, but package tracking says that it's in parcel pool, which means it will take longer to get here. WHICH MEANS I HAVE AN EXTRA GLORIOUS WEEK OF REFRESHING THE TRACKING PAGE. 8D Seriously, I won't have time to actually play it for a while, so I might as well derive some form of additional utility. At this point, "utility" is defined as "the warm and fuzzy feeling I get to from refreshing the tracking page." Did I mention that I loooooooooooove tracking packages? Apparently the USPS's website hasn't even gotten the update that my package is in the pool, so now I get to refresh it until it shows up. We live in exciting times.)

Other things that I'm obsessing over:

- my Gaia inbox. (I'm expecting avi art. The previous pieces turned out well, so I'm looking forward to it.)
- my inability to sit down and actually watch Dexter. (Seriously, I should be all over that.)
- my inability to sit down and actually watch the rest of Infernal Affairs. (I should be all over that too.)
- cold medicine.
- Did you know that if you keep up a Gaia aquarium it ends up paying out more than you've put into it? Seriously, it's given me two pairs of fairy wings and a soldat hat and a stupid musketeer cape and also the fish kind of bob around and follow where you click, so it's kind of like one of those lightning balls, except that you don't get shocked when you touch it. Which makes it significantly less cool, but why the heck am I putting so much effort into it? I think it is because it offends me that my fish are not ecstatic to be looked after by me.
rhyme: I use it because she has the same haircut as me (eh?)
A large bottle of Liquid Plumber and a Large package of individually wrapped, biodegradable straws.


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