Jun. 5th, 2008

Home again!

Jun. 5th, 2008 12:20 am
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I had forgotten that my laptop had stopped detecting the network. I'm typing this from kid brother's computer.

My flight into LAX was late, and I got a little lost on my way to the gate. A quick consultation with a gate agent sent me in the right direction, but then I ended up having to take the shuttle bus, which took me...over 20 minutes? Waiting for the right shuttle took longer than expected.

Then, when I got to the stop I needed, I asked how long it would have taken to simply walk between the terminals. (The directions I was given told me to take the bus, so I took the bus.)

"It's about a five minute walk, but you have to go through security again."

Luckily (?), my flight out was an hour late, because I got there 10 minutes after they were supposed to begin boarding, and I was worried about not being able to grab dinner.

1) Saying I'm going to work on anything during a flight is really optimistic on my part, because rather than getting anything done on my Heat app, Haruna butted in and told me that I should re-read every chapter that he was in. I was also thinking of trying to translate that one chapter of Satorare, now that I replaced the batteries in my Word Bank, but nooooooooo.

2) Somehow I thought that Wii fit wasn't out yet, but it turns out that it is and kid brother has it. Am concidering documenting my progress here to force myself to use it.

3) Apparently other kid brother got Odin's Sphere, because I found an unopened copy of downstairs (price: $16.99.) Also, I was going to just solve the clock puzzle but it turned out that Mom didn't open the copy of Layton that she got for her birthday- they were playing my other brother's copy (he's at college, but I bought him it for his birthday. I didn't get my youngest brother ANYTHING for his birthday, because I am a very fair person and mysteriously, I am still considered both of my younger brother's favorite sibling, oh guess how much sleep I'm running on.) So I'm not sure whose face I'm supposed to rub it into now, as I know I can solve the puzzle- though I don't recall the exact solution- but at least I get to play the game, finally. \o/

Also, I got the motion capture thing to get my name right on the first try. (>^-^)>

4) Someone must be running a blunt force program or something, because I'm still getting "Someone's trying to hack your account, but lol, we aren't really doing anything about it" messages from Gaia. Which, if nothing else, reminds me that I should check Gaia.


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