Jan. 24th, 2008

rhyme: (allow me to fetch a crying towel)
I have five out of 8 modules done.

They take me about one to two hours apiece, about 30 minutes if I cheat and just take the test, but I really should do the modules.

They're a bit mind-numbing, and while I have the program available, I'm kind of afraid of how it will run on my laptop.

On the other hand, it's freezing in that room and I've just spent two hours there. (I got this weeks lab and another module done, but the idea of spending more time in there makes me want to cry.)

In better news, I have another two weeks to get it done.

Also, this week's lab was just a reiteration of last weeks, which means it was totally cake and pie. (I looked around, and most of the class was working on the required section of last week's lab. I've heard that this course has a high drop out rate, but I think it was mostly because they misprogrammed the keycards and a lot of people couldn't get into the lab. They couldn't do it last week because it took forever to get their accounts approved. Luckily, mine was pretty fast, which means I was able to move on to the next module.)

(They aren't difficult, just kind of mind numbing. And I spent 5 minutes trying to click on something, without figuring out that I had it on the wrong edit option. One of the TA's was sitting next to me, and he figured it out. I think he was kind of bored too.)

eta: did I lose the edits I made to my resume? oh shit oh shit oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.


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