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We had a bit of excitement tonight.

Yume had been spending some time investigating Gen's bag. We were wondering what exactly she was looking at.

A few minutes later, Gen realized that she had something in her mouth. Something alive.

She put it down and ended up racing accross the room after it.

It ran under one of my textbooks, so I decided to be helpful, as Yume can't move heavy things like that.

So I moved the book, and it ran under the vacuum cleaner. I moved the vacuum cleaner and it ran under my bookbag. I moved the bag and Yume caught it.

It was still alive, a cute little thing. I actually rather like mice, as long as they're pets, and that one was a cute one.

But from when she caught it the second time, it was basically doomed. Cats like to play with their food. Yume's fond of catch and release. You could see it squirming in her mouth. We kept asking if it was dead yet.

I knew it was a doomed mouse, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for it. I helped to kill it, in a roundabout fashion. (Really, it was Yume's victory, and while Rofl got in on it when she was at the "playing with it" stage, it was her kill.)

On the other hand, I was very happy for the cat.


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