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The shower in the hotel room was peculiarly low. I'm not particularly tall, but while I enjoyed the pressure, I could see how those taler than me would have trouble with its use. It was below my head, to say the least.

While we thought that the parents would get in at 5:30, they did not reach our hotel room until nearly 7. But I managed to sleep in an hour later than Aunty! \o/

Daddy thought I hadn't slept at all for some reason.

Driving to Whistler was hilarious because the van was nearly too small to hold us and our luggage at the same time. Canadian McDonalds have Cadburry Creme Egg McFlurries, which both Mom and Aunty thought sounded kind of gross. I thought it sounded intriguing. (Why were we there of all places? It was cheap and we didn't feel guilty about using their restrooms while only buying drinks.)

Ketchup flavored Pringles are quite decent. Don't listen to Mother when she says that Jalapeno flavored ones are not spicy. She has different tastebuds than you do. You should know better by now.

Don't believe the Brain either, because he lies about things like that because he thinks it's funny. You should know better by now.

I hate ski boots. I hate carrying ski boots.

The place where we are staying needs more signs to navigate.

You won't believe how long it took me to figure out that the reason I couldn't access the internet was that I had deactivated the wireless and had to push the button not just click network connections.

Lessons tomorrow (today) start at 12:45. My aunt wins at scheduling. :')


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