Today I noticed that the nail polish has worn off on two fingers.

OH LOVE IS OVER. (the color is pretty, so I might still use it.)
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So my music player has finally decided to recognize the arashi cd I bought the other week- which is a vast improvement over the previous situation, however when it auto-imported the album details, it, for reasons I DO NOT KNOW has decided to import the Chinese version information. The tracks with English titles are fine, but as for the others.....

It sounds lovely with my new headphones so I'll sort it all out later. :[


Aug. 6th, 2010 08:23 pm
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The second pair of new headphones got in today. ♥

They're both audio technica- one's a kind of cheap portable pair and the other is a pair of studio headphones. (It had a 1/8" plug with 1/4" adapter- I checked!) The portable one fits a bit more tightly than I expected, but the design makes sense and the tightness translates into lovely closed sound. It looks much more teal than I had originally thought, although I wouldn't say that it's a drawback. The non portable pair is very comfortable and sounds awesome and I could wear it all night, except for the fact that I am a little afraid sleep in it. I actually wanted Koss portapros, but THE FUCKING RETAILER WOULDN'T FUCKING SHIP TO ME. But this one is super comfortable, and that's what we're looking for.)

(Mom also got her HD video camera last night. We chose it because out of the two things we actually wanted on the awards list, that one was the most expensive. The other choice was an ipod nano, but really, kid brother doesn't need that many gigs of music. I should probably give him my old ipod, but I haven't gotten around to loading the new one.

(The new camera is eggplant. HILARIOUS....actually, it was so dark it's easily mistaken for black, which is a rather fetching color. Now the true test is whether she figures out how to use it, but I bet she's more likely to figure out a camera with minimal help than an ipod.)

Also, my accomplishment today was a level up in phone tree navigation. (One of the operators I spoke with said I sounded like a little girl.)

The major lesson that comes out of all of this is that sometimes the best way to navigate a phone tree is to not follow the directions. That is because sometimes the people who design the phone tree are idiots who do not know what you are calling about. Also, the ones that have auto detect for numbers are hilarious and by hilarious, I mean somewhat iffy.
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I bought a pair of sunglasses- this pair, to be exact- and it took an entire afternoon to choose them.

I had initially planned to buy online for the points, but paying shipping and the low chances of my actually redeeming said points made up my mind.

(I hate the way most sunglasses look, but I found a cheap pair of one piece wraps and almost literally wore them to pieces. The Fossil pair I got today were really comfortable and easy to wear. It makes more sense if you realize my hair curls around the edges.)

I also bought my first Arashi cd. Mom's reaction, while I was paging through the liner notes, was to ask me if one of them (Aiba) was a girl.

I'm not sure what she makes of my purchase, but 1) she used to really like the backstreet boys- for the music, actually, and 2) I can actually tell the guys in Arashi apart. For me, that's actually saying something.

Actually, throughout high school, Mom liked all of the same music I did. It was kind of uncanny.

(Oh, and I bought a W-inds promotion video dvd. I almost bought a Hirai Ken one as well, but that one was $5 as opposed to $3, and I thought that the W-inds one was more likely to have shenanigans of some sort or other. I would have gotten both if I hadn't found Hysteric Blue, Porno Graffiti, and 175R albums in the clearance section.)
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experiment: will toasting a stale ice cream cone make it it crisp again?
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- being woken up by your alarm and realizing that it was set to go off an hour before you actually needed to get up, which means that getting back to sleep is difficult.

Honestly, it shouldn't shouldn't have been on in the first place, but someone thought that right next to my bed is an awesome place to leave my cellphone after they've borrowed it.
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I think at trip to Don Quijote is in order- although I haven't been there in months. (And when I say "Don Quijote," I of course mean Holiday Mart Daiei.) Dad says they might have acceptable headphones.

(I found other headphones I liked on Amazon, but I'm still more an a little miffed at them. They're very cute, so we'll see. I still need to get a usb adapter.)

We had a power flicker yesterday was a moment of absolute terror. It was just dark enough outside that for a second, everything was pitch black. They installed emergency lights a while back, but the power wasn't out for long enough to trigger them. It was more of a "OH SHIT, ANOTHER POWER OUTAGE?" moment. Sitting around at home with no power is not particularly fun, and I know that I'm on the same part of the grid. I have ice cream in the freezer, damn it. The clock in my room didn't have to be reset, which was awesome, but the rest of them....

Oh, and I accidentally ate the vernicious canid's lunch today. That was kind of awesome.
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We just had an earthquake! A small one.

I couldn't feel it, but I heard the house shake.
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* Started playing P3P- I like this whole able to control your party thing. I was surprised because I hadn't bothered to read the manual. (The not getting tired until the next day thing is also nice.

*Am watching Arsenic and Old Lace. I missed the first 8 minutes, but any movie where Cary Grant's life is HARD is a god movie. Cary Grant does the best double takes ever. ♥ OH HI KITTY.
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I forgot to mention it, but yesterday it rained on an incredibly sunny day.

Sometimes those sorts of things happen, but it really was sunny- I don't see anything on my skin, but I feel a little burnt. And when it rained it poured.

Afterwords, you could see the steam rising off the street, wafting in the closest we get to fog.

Also, sometimes teenaged girls worry me. (Or at least, people who tell teenage girls what they ought to think, worry me. Which I suppose is a significant difference.)
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P3P came today, which was earlier than Amazon's estimated ship date. Color me astounded. (They are usually right about their estimated ship date for preorders, and by "right," I mean that it usually does take them about a week to actually mail the fucking package.)

The slightly peeved email I sent to their help department may or may not have played a role.

And so the question I've been waiting for has been answered- yes, my head is kind of big for the Junpei hat.

Although it might be my hair, but I don't see how, when I'm wearing a ponytail. :[

My new ipod case is kind of hot. 8]
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Getting home took at least full 40 minutes longer than it ought to have- first because I ended up walking to a much farther bus stop because I wanted tapioca (or almond float) from Bale and I didn't want to spend extra to get there.

Then Bale ended up being crowded, so I got a smoothie instead- which meant I could have gone to a much nearer bus stop, and then I just missed the bus home. (As in, I got out of Jamba Juice just in time to see the bus pulling up on the other side of the street.)

Upside- learner's permit renewed.
Downside- the picture is somewhat horrid.

(Seriously, I looked in the mirror before and after- I looked fine! And on the picture itself it's like oh god, what was I thinking. I should know better than to smile in my license pics- it makes my face look fat. :[)
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I'm currently amused by my current comment count- I hit it on Crys's post. ♥
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Ants are continuing to fucking invade my kitchen.

They've gotten into the balsamic vinegar- which was screwed shut, mind. I was planning on using that for dinner tonight. DX

(The really annoying thing is the ants are primarily after water, which is tough to get around when you happen to, I don't know, use the sink?)
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So if it weren't for the fact that I was explaining why the Economist is an awesome magazine and I love it to pieces, I wouldn't have known that my favorite mathematician died late last month. ;_______;
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Today I left the house for the first time in about six days.

The whole "not leaving the house" thing is quite easy to do when walking is rather unpleasant.

I'm sleeping upstairs tonight for a change of pace.
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Icing continues to suck- I might need to use the towel to tie the bag in place. (You know it's working when it stops hurting feeling anything but numb.)

I've been amusing myself by trying to transfer files from the Tivo to my computer so I can burn them off. The recording quality wants adjusting. (Almost 4 gigs for an one-hour show? Fucking overkill.)

They don't really rebroadcast the show I'm trying to download, and it doesn't show up online at all, so if I can't get it saved, I will cry. (It's the Nankai candies eats 100 popular cakes episodes of Cocorico makes a legend or something. The station just calls it "Cocorico" so all I know is what I've discovered through the power of wiki and damn it, I WANT THE UNTOUCHABLES EAT THEIR WAY THROUGH A TUNA EPISODES.)


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